There was at time when I did this exact thing. I couldn’t wait for the next diet book to come out!! I would read in like 2 days so that I could get started as fast as possible.CathiComparisonPhoto

And then it wasn’t long until that diet failed me too. This really hit my personal confidence. I felt like a failure over and over. What I really didn’t realize is that I was teaching myself pattern and a very unsuccessful one at that.

Do you want to know how to break this pattern? Here are 3 things that can help you right now:

1-Tune into your body and notice if something you eat or drink gives you some kind of reaction. It could be a racing heart, a stomach pain, an itch, a headache, a runny nose, or weight gain. These and others can be indicators that what you are eating is causing some kind of imbalance or inflammation.

Do you know how powerful it is to stay away from foods that inflame you? It’s absolutely huge. This alone could totally transform your health within a week.

2-Pick some healthy habits and STICK with them. Try things like exercise, eating more veggies, eating less carbs, eating Keto, meditation, cutting out soda. Whatever it is do it and keep doing it every day. Then 3-4 days later, add something else onto that. Start creating a healthy lifestyle that you consistently practice.

3-Plan ahead!! Plan you snack and lunch the day before so that you are prepared for the day ahead. Leaving your food to chance greatly increases the chance having to resort to eating unhealthy foods.

I always have nuts and low-carb food bars with me so that if I get hungry and “my kind” of food is not available, I am totally covered.

I have the luxury of having super great health but I did not always feel as good as I do today. These are some of the tools that I still used daily to make sure I am at the top of my game.
**Remember, you can get healthy again!!

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