Fasting Mimicking Diet, What??

Fasting: What it really is and how it can be super easy!

Usually when I speak of fasting, people think of starvation.  Fasting is not starvation because it is intentional not eating where as starvation is mostly out of the control of the person because they do not know when there next meal will be.

soup-1429797_1920That said, let’s talk a little about fasting and how much it can benefit your health. Cool thing about fasting is it has been done for centuries so it is not just some new fad.  In history periods of famine occurred and this fasting state actually saved people from starvation unless it went on for really super long periods of time of course.

There are different types of fasting:  Intermittent and Block. Today, intermittent fasting (IF) is very popular and this type of fasting is really just pushing out breakfast until a later time of skipping it altogether.  Intermittent fasting is basically a shrinking of the eating window during your day.  It can be eating between noon and 7 pm or between 3 to 8pm.  You get the idea.  Block fasting is where you refrain from eating for 24 hours to even up to 5 days.

Let’s now talk about why in the heck anyone would want to fast.  When we fast, the hormone called insulin starts to drop signaling your body to start burning stored energy.  The body can store sugar energy as glycogen in the liver and muscles. Once those stores are used up, the body will eventually revert to burning fat or ketones for energy.  This lowering of insulin also helps our body reduce inflammation.  Insulin reduction also helps our body more easily release body fat.  Higher insulin=body fat storage.

Regular periods of this fasting and lowering of insulin can lead to improved insulin sensitivity or a reduction in insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance has been associated with things like Type 2 diabetes, High cholesterol, Stroke, Heart disease, high blood pressure, Non-alcoholic fatty liver, and others.

So in a nutshell, Fasting can help you:

*Decrease body fat and body weight

*Increase your production of Stem Cells

*Maintain healthy levels of Blood Pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar

*Increase your production naturally of growth hormone

*Improved energy levels

*Softer and shinier skin

Recent research has lead now to the development of a Fasting Mimicking Diet. It is basically a plan where you can still eat and yet maintain a “Fasting” state.  It is much easier and safer than just plain fasting.  If you have felt like you just could not refrain from eating for days at a time, the fasting mimicking diet is the way to go.

I can get you the full details on the 5-day program if you are interested.

Personally, I have been doing periodic fasting for about 10 years.  I believe that most of the improvement in my health has been due to this fasting as it gives the entire digestive system a rest and allows the body and immune system to work on rejuvenating the body instead of constantly being in a state of digesting food.  Eating multiple times a day from lets say a typical 7 am breakfast, am snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, after dinner snack, all you really end up doing is being in a constant state of digestion and fat storage once you have exceeded your body’s immediate fuel needs.

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