How to Not Let Stress Get to You!!

STRESS~~How to not let stress affect you!!

We all know its a killer yet we just keep letting it run away with us.

The really big deal about this is the damage that stress can have on you. Sometimes you feel it and sometimes you might not be at that point yet.

Stress is a silent killer called INFLAMMATION. Reducing inflammation is the core of my business as a health and detox coach. This is where all disease lies.

Inflammation is why you can’t sleep at night, can’t lose weight, look bloated all the time, why your muscles are hurting, and the list goes on.

The main question I get is well, I can’t get rid of the stress (usually for reasons like own a business, work a certain job, have kids, sick parents, etc) so what can I do?

When I was at the height of my personal stress crisis, this is what I did to help myself out:

1- Do a short 5-10 minute relaxation twice a day. Seriously, we can all find 5 minutes twice a day. Sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Yes, actually take some deep breaths as you are probably taking these short little shallow breaths all day which are making your stress worse. Its an additional signal to your body that there is a crisis.

If you can’t sit, do it standing. Just do it. Give your body the opportunity to have a few minutes to rest, relax, and recalibrate. Feel free to increase the time of the session as you feel inspired to do so.

2-Identify the biggest problem your are dealing with. Start with one and you can later repeat as often as you feel necessary. Take this problem or situation and really look at it. Is it something that you can actually fix or deal with once and for all.

If possible, make a date to get that issue resolved. Just do it. Have the meeting, call the repair person, etc. If it happens to be something like managing sick parents, issues with an employer, dealing with ownership of a business, then you have really big choice here.

The choice is if it is something that you cannot change, are you willing to change the way you perceive this stressor? This is super not an easy thing to do and don’t think that I just said to myself just get over it and everything was just ok.

It took some reflection and a lot of thinking to where I came to a decision. The decision I made was to accept that it was out of my control and I could either let it ruin me and my health, or I could find a way do the best that I could and let as much roll off of me as possible.

Those 2 things shifted my stress the most. There are some other things that are also really great to help you as well:

1-Avoid too much caffeine and/or alcohol as this can compound sleep issues if you have them.
2-Manage your time. Schedule out things that are super important for your day so that you can make sure to get them done.
3-Learn to say NO and not do everything that everyone asks you to participate in.
4-Get more sleep.
5-Get some exercise to help burn off some of the stress. Careful to not overdo as this can cause even more stress on the body.
6-Do something fun.

Don’t wait until you really get sick to start dealing with your stress. Do something now.
xoxo Cathi Ketterlingburnout-2161445_1920

Health and Detox Lifestyle Coach

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