I believe the body can HEAL itself when given the right circumstances.
I believe in the POWER of the mind. I believe that we have the power to CHANGE our own lives for the better.
I believe that by quieting our minds that we can find our own ANSWERS.

And 3 years ago, I created KETTERLING LONGEVITY so I could help clients create amazing, healthy, fun, vibrant lives.



There was at time when I did this exact thing. I couldn’t wait for the next diet book to come out!! I would read in like 2 days so that I could get started as fast as possible.CathiComparisonPhoto

And then it wasn’t long until that diet failed me too. This really hit my personal confidence. I felt like a failure over and over. What I really didn’t realize is that I was teaching myself pattern and a very unsuccessful one at that.

Do you want to know how to break this pattern? Here are 3 things that can help you right now:

1-Tune into your body and notice if something you eat or drink gives you some kind of reaction. It could be a racing heart, a stomach pain, an itch, a headache, a runny nose, or weight gain. These and others can be indicators that what you are eating is causing some kind of imbalance or inflammation.

Do you know how powerful it is to stay away from foods that inflame you? It’s absolutely huge. This alone could totally transform your health within a week.

2-Pick some healthy habits and STICK with them. Try things like exercise, eating more veggies, eating less carbs, eating Keto, meditation, cutting out soda. Whatever it is do it and keep doing it every day. Then 3-4 days later, add something else onto that. Start creating a healthy lifestyle that you consistently practice.

3-Plan ahead!! Plan you snack and lunch the day before so that you are prepared for the day ahead. Leaving your food to chance greatly increases the chance having to resort to eating unhealthy foods.

I always have nuts and low-carb food bars with me so that if I get hungry and “my kind” of food is not available, I am totally covered.

I have the luxury of having super great health but I did not always feel as good as I do today. These are some of the tools that I still used daily to make sure I am at the top of my game.
**Remember, you can get healthy again!!

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There is more to my Story!


I have shared before that in my 30’s I was busy running 3 businesses and basically running myself into the ground with my crazy schedule. I was eating poorly, not sleeping well, and that along with the enormous amount of stress I was under was causing me some serious health issues.

There was one other event that happened during that time that is still hard for me to speak about even today. My father was scheduled for a heart valve replacement and it was a little scary but he was in pretty good shape for his age so I was not overly worried about. I thought it would just be one of those routine surgeries and he would be home soon.

Well, that is not the way it happened. He made it through the surgery just fine but for some mysterious reason his body started shutting down, kidney’s were failing, and he passed away 5 days after the surgery.

My life changed forever in that moment and it was the hardest thing I had ever had to deal with up to that point in my life. Looking back it really was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Most often it is not just one thing that puts our health into crisis, it is a combination of things that together add up to tip us over.

Maybe you have experienced that too where everything seems fine and then “all of a sudden” you are depressed, fatigued, foggy in the head, a hormonal mess, etc. It really is the lifetime accumulation of how you have been living your whole life and then one major stressor comes and over you go.

I knew if I went to a doctor to help me they would just put me on anti-depressants and I didn’t want to go that route. My body needed proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, and a big fat plan to get me stress under control.

For some years after my father passes we tried to figure out what the heck had went wrong. He always seemed pretty healthy despite taking a blood pressure and cholesterol medication. As I dived into fixing my own health I discovered that he most likely had a few things going against him that I wish I had known back then to help him be healthier. First, he was most likely deficient in vitamin D and vitamin K2. That would explain why he needed a heart valve replaced.

We also lived on a farm and he was a lifelong farmer. I loved growing up on a farm but there is no denying the huge amounts of chemicals and pesticides that he was working closely with to put on his crops. Today we have a much better idea of what these chemicals do and no doubt if he could have done some detoxification, he may have been stronger to deal with such a major surgery.

Since I also lived on that farm for 18 years, I also was exposed to some extent to the same chemicals. I have been doing various detoxifications for the past 15 years to help my body reduce the burden and improve my cellular function. It really was no wonder that I had so many food intolerances and hormonal issues. I was doing cleanses even before they were the “cool” thing to do. Back then the testing for these sorts of things didn’t exist, but now that has all changed. We can test or mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity for really a pretty low cost to get an idea of where we are at in the spectrum of toxicity.

It is undeniable that we live in a world full of many toxins and chemicals. In fact most newborns are born with over 180 identifiable chemicals in their bodies at birth inherited from their mothers. We can deal with this issue when we take positive action to things like reducing our exposure, getting proper nutrients in our bodies, and making sure to detox and cleanse on a regular basis to make sure we do not get large build up of toxins. And if we are already experiencing a lot of serious health issues, I think you already now the answer. Get on a program to detox and nutrify your body back to health.

I have been working with clients to do just this for the past 7 years and studying it for many more than that. It is not difficult, it just takes a plan and taking action on the plan to start getting results.

Send me a PM if you would like to test for toxic metals in your body.

(And yes, I still miss him every day!)

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How to Not Let Stress Get to You!!

STRESS~~How to not let stress affect you!!

We all know its a killer yet we just keep letting it run away with us.

The really big deal about this is the damage that stress can have on you. Sometimes you feel it and sometimes you might not be at that point yet.

Stress is a silent killer called INFLAMMATION. Reducing inflammation is the core of my business as a health and detox coach. This is where all disease lies.

Inflammation is why you can’t sleep at night, can’t lose weight, look bloated all the time, why your muscles are hurting, and the list goes on.

The main question I get is well, I can’t get rid of the stress (usually for reasons like own a business, work a certain job, have kids, sick parents, etc) so what can I do?

When I was at the height of my personal stress crisis, this is what I did to help myself out:

1- Do a short 5-10 minute relaxation twice a day. Seriously, we can all find 5 minutes twice a day. Sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Yes, actually take some deep breaths as you are probably taking these short little shallow breaths all day which are making your stress worse. Its an additional signal to your body that there is a crisis.

If you can’t sit, do it standing. Just do it. Give your body the opportunity to have a few minutes to rest, relax, and recalibrate. Feel free to increase the time of the session as you feel inspired to do so.

2-Identify the biggest problem your are dealing with. Start with one and you can later repeat as often as you feel necessary. Take this problem or situation and really look at it. Is it something that you can actually fix or deal with once and for all.

If possible, make a date to get that issue resolved. Just do it. Have the meeting, call the repair person, etc. If it happens to be something like managing sick parents, issues with an employer, dealing with ownership of a business, then you have really big choice here.

The choice is if it is something that you cannot change, are you willing to change the way you perceive this stressor? This is super not an easy thing to do and don’t think that I just said to myself just get over it and everything was just ok.

It took some reflection and a lot of thinking to where I came to a decision. The decision I made was to accept that it was out of my control and I could either let it ruin me and my health, or I could find a way do the best that I could and let as much roll off of me as possible.

Those 2 things shifted my stress the most. There are some other things that are also really great to help you as well:

1-Avoid too much caffeine and/or alcohol as this can compound sleep issues if you have them.
2-Manage your time. Schedule out things that are super important for your day so that you can make sure to get them done.
3-Learn to say NO and not do everything that everyone asks you to participate in.
4-Get more sleep.
5-Get some exercise to help burn off some of the stress. Careful to not overdo as this can cause even more stress on the body.
6-Do something fun.

Don’t wait until you really get sick to start dealing with your stress. Do something now.
xoxo Cathi Ketterlingburnout-2161445_1920

Health and Detox Lifestyle Coach

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How to Detox on a Cellular Level And Why?

Detoxing on a cellular level goes way beyond the usual colon cleanses, liver cleanses, foot baths, juice fasts, and coffee enemas. I work with clients using what is called the 5R’s:
1-Remove the source
2-Regenerate the cellular membrane
3-Restore cellular energy
4-Reduce cellular inflammation
5-Re-establish methylation

Together we dig into all of these areas to bring about true detox and to essentially start regenerating the body’s mitochondria so that my clients can start getting their energy back. When your mitochondria (the power houses of your cells) start to work better, your cells have a much better chance of healing and start to work more efficiently again.

Cellular detox also includes very special supplements that prep the body for detoxification during month one, and then continue with adding an amazing detox drop called Cytodetox month 2+.  This combination has been proven to move toxins deeply even out of the tissues of the brain.

Deep remove of toxins allows every cell in your body to start to function better because there is less of a  burden by heavy metals, yeast, mold, glyphosate, and plastics.  Think of it like unpacking an over stuffed suitcase.  When there is more room inside the cell, more cellular energy can be produced.

True Cellular Detox™ involves three phases:
1. Prep Phase: Strengthens downstream detox pathways to support toxin removal.
2. Body Phase: Removes toxins at the cellular level and sets up concentration gradient
to move toxins from deeper tissue stores (i.e. brain).
3.Brain Phase:  Clears deeper bio-accumulated neurotoxins that lead to most symptoms.

We accumulate toxins daily and given the world we live in, our bodies are not keeping up with detoxifying everything.  Evidence of this how sick we are as a country right now.  With the amount of pesticides being sprayed around us eventually it will take it’s toll on our health especially combined with poor diet, lack of good sleep, among other things.

If you are having health issues right now or want to do some major prevention,  go to my work with me page and fill out the form for more information.

All you  have to gain is your health!!

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Why Detox Is Not All About You!

It’s not just about you anymore. What? It’s true. So many of us are going through health issues and really want to feel amazing again. And, did you know that when you get healthy, it can affect generations? If you don’t get healthy it can still affect 4 generations!

This is how it works: We inherit many toxins from our mothers while developing in the womb. Mercury and lead can be passed down and affect 4 generations! That said, doing deep cellular detoxification can help us pass on a lot less toxicity to our children if done prior to conception. This detox can also help reduce so much inflammation that it can become easier to conceive. That rocks considering how much infertility has increased over the past decade.

If you are now past having children, detoxifying yourself is still like the best thing ever! Little do we realize but toxins accumulate over our lives and it just seems like we cannot detox everything out on our own. We are constantly being exposed to many toxins that absorb into our tissues and just stay there. If they don’t come out of the cell then the liver and kidneys won’t remove them.

This is a major cause of our chronic inflammation and is often a hidden culprit. Finding the root cause of your inflammation is the only way to really recover your health long term, if at all. As you become more familiar with detoxification, you can teach your loved ones how to keep themselves healthier by doing what you are doing.

I have been helping people detox on a cellular level for many years now. Results are amazing. I have clients losing weight, reversing chronic diseases like diabetes, sleeping well again, getting off medications, repairing their gut, beating candida and mold, and getting their energy back. It is called True Cellular Detox!

Now that you know this information, what are you going to do with it? Do the same things you have always done? I hope not!! Information and knowledge are only powerful when we do something with them. You now know that you have inherited toxins and heavy metals from your mother and that you keep accumulating on a daily basis due to the world we live in.

You also know there is a way to detox on a cellular level to get these toxins OUT of your body. Less toxins=better health!! What are you waiting for? Go to my work with me page and fill out the application for more information!

Talk soon!!

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"Cathi is amazing! Her coaching has changed my life for the better, and I can’t recommend her services enough."

- Julie S.

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