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Ok well, I didn’t totally stop, but I exercise much differently than I did a few years ago big  time!

I used to think I had to work out super hard, burn a bunch of calories, just to maintain or even try losing a little bit of weight.

Want the TRUTH: Exercise is amazing for us. It keeps us strong and in good cardiovascular shape. But because our bodies are very smart and adaptive, the actual number of calories we burn depends on so many things like hydration and the state of our overall metabolism.

Just because your Fitbit says you burned 600 calories, that may not be the case. In fact I believe most of us have been on so many diets that our metabolisms are so disrupted and don’t burn as efficiently as they should. So if you think you can go eat french fries because you worked out for 2 hrs, think again.

Exercise for health first and foremost! To keep your muscles strong and your lungs at good capacity.

Make changes to your diet for weight maintenance or weight loss. You will get the most results this way. In fact, when I was losing the 25 lbs I needed to lose a few years ago, I was dropping weight due to dietary and lifestyle changes, and I had actually stopped exercising for a few months. Absolute truth.

We can also over exercise. I did that for a while years ago too. I was under a lot of stress and I would make myself go to the gym daily for 2+ hours. This just inflamed me more and stress my body even more. It did nothing for me as far as true health went.

Listen to your body. Go out and get some exercise, but know that 95% of your body composition results will come from a clean, healthy diet and reducing the number of times you are eating per day.

If you have been on this never ending treadmill, send me a PM or message below. I am happy to help you get on the right track!



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