Our in-office Softwave™ Treatment may be right for you!

Our Softwave™ machine has been long known as Lithotripsy used to break up kidney stones. With new developments of the device, it is used for healing and repairing musculoskeletal pain and injuries. TRT is Hydro-electric and produces SoftWave therapy to introduce Low Energy Shock Waves through an applicator that allows for amazing results. The unfocused treatment application, which generates more concentrated therapeutic healing energy into the tissue.

fighting pain that just will not resolve?

• plantar fasciitis,           • shoulder tendonitis,
• Achilles tendonitis        • Tennis elbow   
• Neck pain,                     • Low back pain
• Sacroiliac joint pain
• Peripheral neuropathy.

Softwave™ Can Treat:

Softwave™ is Super Safe:

• Non-invasive   • No needles required
• Cost effective  • High patient satisfaction
• No risk of scarring    • No downtime
• Expedited Healing Process

what it does: 

What Results Can You Expect?

A significant pain reduction can be achieved even in the first treatment, yet recommends 4-6 treatments to ensure the most beneficial results which is decreased pain and healing of 65-91% for most people. TRT also can help significantly reduce the pain of new or old injuries. 


We offer a first-time user special of $49.00 to try out this amazing technology that helps to stimulate your body to heal itself.

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